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uDMX-mod is a modified hardware compared to the original uDMX by

Changes are:

  • No smd parts are used (easy to solder)
  • additional galvanic isolation (security for your computer)

In my sheet i used the optocoupler HCPL-4100 as i got lots of them. You can use the more common 6N137 instead. Have a look at the FAQ to see how.

Board and sheet are created by freeware version eagle. Here you get those eagle files.


  • uDMX sheet
  • uDMX board
  • uDMX top open
  • uDMX bottom
  • uDMX both sides

Photos, board and sheetshould be enough to build uDMX-mod. Try the animated gif to find positions of all parts if you use a breadboard.

PLEASE NOTICE: Tho top side is shown mirror-inverted. It helps finding the position. For exact rotation of the parts use the not animated gif.